Birth of the company


Activity start


Relocation & 1st investment plan to increase capacity


Execution of 2nd investment plan: Growth + Automation


Extension of premises +1.000 m2


Khegal Aeronáutica´s Mission is to provide our clients with an optimum service, attending their demands in quality and reliability in competitive conditions, and aiming to establish durable partnerships.

With the company´s know-how and passion for innovation, a young and dynamic team has in hand advanced tools in the field of Industry 4.0 to ensure a precise execution of jobs.

Sustainability is a concern for Khegal Aeronáutica, s.l. as it has been shown in the successive investment plans, where improvements in energetic and environment management have been considered.



From its creation in 2005, Khegal Aeronáutica, s.l. has focused in 5 Axis milling, in palettized machining centres, having acquired a considerable know-how coupled with flexibility to produce complex parts of high added value.

With the recent investments in high-end machinery with automation, and digitalization, Khegal assures also traceability, and repeatability to be competitive in short, medium, and even long series (depending on part configuration).

Several clients have also trusted us for integral project management, from feasibility consulting to final product, in sectors as demanding as Nuclear.

Indeed, the innovative character of Khegal Aeronáutica, s.l. as allowed it to reach different demanding sectors, always bringing its experience and know-how.


En 2020 KHEGAL ha recibido apoyo al proyecto de innovación y desarrollo TECH4CUT mediante el programa HAZITEK cofinanciada por el Gobierno Vasco y la UE a través del fondo europeo de desarrollo regional 2014-2020 (FEDER).